Omnichannel Technology

At TECSA, we have our own software and technology products factory, giving us a competitive advantage by developing customized solutions for our clients.


We promote technological transformation through the automation of business processes. We support to evolve your company through integrated solutions that allow you to optimize your operations and innovate with new business models and services.





Create valuable experiences that generate a positive impact on both people and your company. Our technology unifies the channels that your company needs, to route your clients towards a specialized consultant in the type of process that you are looking for, so that no matter which digital medium you prefer, you will always be attended to in a personalized way in your type of need.


If telephony continues to be the communication channel preferred by its customers, we provide the necessary tools to improve your experience, increase your sales, reduce costs and improve customer retention.


High capacity of interactions processing

More than 30 E1 links with different suppliers and media, both fiber optic and millimeter microwaves.


ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

It allows us to control incoming calls to the most qualified operators to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, generate rules based on call identification, automatic number identification, interactive voice response or identification services on the dialed number to determine how interactions are managed.



We have smart, outgoing dialing technology that makes calls to multiple numbers per agent.

  • Call recording capability
  • Performance panel and statistics in real time.
  • Contact rate
  • Metrics per agent
  • Revenue growth
  • Productivity and Efficiency


We create massive communications through text messages and e-mails converted into direct and personal interactions in a fast way generating a high capture and information delivery.

Customized business management software

We manage and send notifications through a business management software (CRM) developed based on your project.


Personalized and responsive communication

Communicate with your customers via personalized emails and SMS

Using SMS/Emailing

Customized Business Management Software

  • Invitation to events
  • Contests
  • Reservations and appointments
  • Promotions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Surveys
  • Delivery of confirmations
  • Service status
  • Calls
  • Transactions notice
  • News of interest
  • Reminders

Technology Blaster

Massive voice message communications via database management. Effective marketing campaigns via standard and mobile communications.

Mass Communication

Send thousands of voice messages via phone calls to landline or mobile numbers anywhere in the world.


  • Generation of pre-recorded and personalized calls
  • Collection reminders
  • Political campaigns
  • Event invitations
  • Alerts
  • Alarms
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Black lists
  • Real-time reporting
  • Instant metrics
  • Consistent and professional information
  • Etc.

We focus on what's important.


Virtual robot powered by an artificial intelligence engine which gives it the ability and autonomy to establish and simulate human conversations in real time and respond immediately in an intelligent and comprehensive manner, helps your business to provide quick solutions.

Benefits of having a Chat Bot

We optimize your processes and generate results.

Analize & Manages the entire


We optimize your processes and generate results.

Tailor-made solutions focused in cost reduction and productivity increase.

Live Chat

It sent massive messages for the management of databases and marketing campaigns through electronic and mobile communications. Direct and effective communication, our face-to-face online chat support channel allows us to provide complex solutions and several interactions at the same time.


Information encrypted and in real time. Active chat 24/7

Send and receive data to offer a more enriching interaction experience to your customers.

  • Deliveries
  • Date
  • Reservations
  • Directed Advertising
  • Orders
  • Surveys
  • Indicators
  • Registration
  • Collection
  • Access to information
  • Technical support

Social Networks

Content value , effective management of your campaigns and projects in social networks using using trend techniques of trend to generate greater penetration and position for you.

Administration and management of your social networks 24/7.

Assigned designer for the creation of professional and personalized content.

Total management of Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn, etc.

We optimize social networks. We turn opportunities into success.

Smart IVR

Significantly reduces the costs of call center interactions, since a service of excellent quality can be provided, without the need to have a large number of agents available. It allows routing calls to agents if necessary, offering a support and service 24 hours a day.


It offers personalized attention 24 hours without lines waiting.

We offer the best voice response system, integrate the self-service service in your company and obtain greater profitability.


  • Direct the client to the client with a specialized agent.
  • Consultation of procedures, invoices, orders, payments, etc.
  • Data Capture
  • Generation of database
  • Sending emails and SMS
  • Custom menu
  • Recording answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Report and monitoring in real time.

Simplify call forwarding, reduce wait times and increase sales.

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