At TECSA, we have our own software and technology products factory, giving us a competitive advantage by developing customized solutions for our clients.
We promote technological transformation through the automation of business processes. We support to evolve your company through integrated solutions that allow you to optimize your operations and innovate with new business models and services.





Create valuable experiences that generate a positive impact on both people and your company. Our technology unifies the channels that your company needs, to route your clients towards a specialized consultant in the type of process that you are looking for, so that no matter which digital medium you prefer, you will always be attended to in a personalized way in your type of need.

SMS / Emailing

We create massive communications through text messages and e-mails converted into direct and personal interactions in a fast way generating a high capture and information delivery. 


Our CRM's and tools are fully adaptable to the cloud making the accessibility of your information easier without compromising the security of it.

Technology Blaster

Massive voice message communications via database management. Effective marketing campaigns via standard and mobile communications. 

Chat bot

Virtual robot powered by an artificial intelligence engine which gives it the ability and autonomy to establish and simulate human conversations in real time and respond immediately in an intelligent and comprehensive manner, helps your business to provide quick solutions.

Live Chat 

It sent massive messages for the management of databases and marketing campaigns through electronic and mobile communications. Direct and effective communication, our face-to-face online chat support channel allows us to provide complex solutions and several interactions at the same time.

Social Networks

Content value , effective management of your campaigns and projects in social networks using using trend techniques of trend to generate greater penetration and position for you.

Cloud Storage

Protection, retention and availability of your information whenever you need it. We keep the information safe thanks to the backup and recovery, reducing the risk of data loss.