At TECSA , we have powerful and versatile tools and technology, and a higher quality infrastructure to provide our customers with a high performance experience.

Dynamic CRM 

It allows to manage differentiated forms by services and campaigns, typifying the interactions facilitating the management of the campaigns and offering assertive information analysis:

Interaction management 

We have tools that allow us to import / export contact bases for administration and storage. All registered contacts facilitate the allocation of personalized actions according to the assigned campaign.

Sales funnel 

We implement funnels designed according to your campaigns that help us analyze, plan and control each stage of the sales process.

  • We optimize sales
  • Higher probability of reaching objectives
  • We identify the bottlenecks
  • Generation of database for benchmarking

Campaign automation 

We adjust our software tailored to each client, you can have 1 or more campaigns, we manage them. 

We boost sales and generate more opportunities in less time. 


Cloud Storage

Protection, retention and availability of your information whenever you need it. We keep the information safe thanks to the backup and recovery, reducing the risk of data loss.
Our CRM's and tools are fully adaptable to the cloud making the accessibility of your information easier without compromising the security of it.

Information Control


Quick Access to Information

SSL Encrypted Information

Protection of Static Data and in transit

Flexibility, Independence, Security, Savings and Mobility.


Interactions Recording

Our agents serve an average of nine channels, creating thousands of interactions per minute, all these interactions are recorded and stored for audit, quality, improvement, certification and information security purposes.

Real-time authentication

We authenticate each of the interactions to improve time, customer experience and reduce fraud.

Fraud detection

In order to complete the process, real-time authentication is performed, so that the agent, if necessary, takes fraud protection actions. 

Voice analysis

Voice analysis to identify the client's priorities and take actions in real time.

  • Identification of response / waiting patterns.
  • Detection of levels of emotion and satisfaction.
  • Detection of phrases defined by the user.





We listen to what your customers want. We increase your sales.

Reporting Center

Our information management department, MIS (Management Information System), is focused on generating the necessary reports for your services for better decision making; in the same way, the equipment has the power to generate the reports you need to create or manage.

Resolution of the first interaction

Percentage of interactions that are solved at first contact, consumer satisfaction, efficiency and cost.


The time and the individual and group performances are compared, through detailed and summarized reports.

  • Detection of problematic interactions
  • Application of filtering criteria.
    Segmentation of interactions
  • Traceability of interactions
  • Detection of the productivity indicators of your campaigns and services.
  • Evaluation of the management of the agents for future decision making.

SLA (Service Level / Service Times)

This report allows to evaluate the attention and management of each campaign, measure response times and attention.

Dropout level

Percentage of interactions that were not carried out, verifying how many customers left the service and what is the maximum average waiting.

Global activity of a campaign

  • Complete information about what happens in a specific campaign
  • Number of interactions entered
  • Total interactions attended and abandoned
  • Average daily interactions
  • Average of hold interactions and service levels

Interaction results / Typification

The interactions are typified by the agents to validate them for each type of query or activity.

Specific reports

Custom reports according to the needs of the campaign or business.

Advanced reports for decision making and strategy planning.

Operative Equipment

We firmly believe that our employees need the latest generation tools for better performance, that's why we have the best equipment.

  • Links with support of 30 concurrent calls.
  • VoIP voice and data channels
  • LAN switch QoS
  • Structured cabling and high performance rack
  • Areas of agents conditioned with the highest technology
  • Acoustic conditioning to reduce echo and resonance
We always keep updated with the latest news.

Real Time Monitoring

It allows us to perform quality audits at the moment allowing detections in areas of opportunity and correction in real time. in the same way, the audit and quality processes can be validated by our clients.

Full audio and video visibility

Audio of the interaction is recorded and at the same time the screen to identify and compare the responses of the agents.

Audit planning

Program audits and plans the sampling of recordings, the number of interactions to be evaluated, verifies the duration of the calls, the time of day and the results of the management, etc.

We guarantee the service and quality experience to your customers.


Integrating security systems in all its senses is a priority for us, our staff is identified from a letterhead to a fingerprint that gives access to the areas authorized for their level. We have private security strategically distributed in our facilities.

  • Analytical video
  • Credentialing
  • Access control
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
  • Complete mapping of the security system
  • Fire and Audio Detection
  • Interaction between security systems